Our Services

We specialise in providing accounting solutions tailored to the individual needs of your business.

We offer a full bookkeeping and accounting service to businesses of all sizes which includes the preparation of your annual accounts, maintaining VAT records, preparing your payroll and undertake general ad hoc financial projects to ease your time.

We can help your business set up IT Accounting Systems to record information efficiently and effectively by providing spreadsheets or installing systems on to your computers whilst providing help and support.

Examples of the services offered include:


Every business is required to keep an accurate account of income and expenditure and where appropriate, VAT. We provide weekly, monthly, or quarterly bookkeeping services for our clients which has the following benefits:

  • keeping your paperwork under control on an on-going basis
  • providing records on which year-end accounts and taxation calculations are prepared
  • reducing the time that might otherwise be required to prepare accounts at year end

In smaller businesses, it is often more cost effective to allow us to maintain your books, rather than to employ a bookkeeper. It is almost certainly more effective than leaving your paperwork until the year end.

We are able to set up and administer book keeping systems which will maintain accounting records and help you understand your business bringing you peace of mind.

We work with all the major cloud accounting software packages in readiness for “Making Tax Digital” so that we can advise you on whichever package suits your business best

Year End Accounts

Worried about Companies House and Self Assessment deadlines? We can prepare your annual accounts quickly and efficiently. And guess what, we don't just hand them over to you in a nice folder...

We can explain how the business has performed in the past year and identify areas for improvement, such as:

  • Tax savings
  • Opportunities for improvement
  • Healthcheck - are you hitting your targets?

This is the valuable part, providing you with the information and understanding of how your numbers develop so you can see where your business is heading

Personal Self Assessment

As tax specialists, we can save you a lot of time and worry by handling your self assessment for you. We do all the necessary computations, complete your form, and even advise on how you can take full advantage of the tax saving opportunities open to you.

Other areas where you may like to take advantage of our expertise include:

  • Property portfolios
  • Capital gains tax
  • Family gifting
  • Retirement planning

Management Accounts

If you are a sole trader, a partnership or a club or society, you will need to produce accounts to keep track of your business. We recommend that to keep control of the financial health of your business, management accounts should be produced on a regular basis. We can provide full profit and loss and balance sheet reports monthly, quarterly or half yearly whichever is most appropriate for your business.

In addition, monitoring income and spending against budget allows you to identify favourable or adverse trends so that appropriate action can be taken as early as possible. We can help you set meaningful budgets within your accountancy system and help in assessing your progress towards meeting them.


We can also maintain your VAT records, ensuring that you only pay the correct amount, and only when required to do so. We provide assistance with VAT registration, advice on the most appropriate VAT scheme for your business and will complete your VAT returns for you.


If you employ staff then you will have statutory filing deadlines to meet for filing forms and making payments to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). You can't ignore your employer obligations, as penalties and interest will soon be added to your employment costs. Payroll is one of the easiest things to get wrong!

Let us take the strain away from you and let you get on with running and growing the business. Payroll is complicated and has to be done on time and you as the employer are responsible for the mistakes.

Using HMRC approved software we can provide a tailor made service for your business including...

  • * Employee payslips/P60's/P11d's
  • * Payroll reports
  • * Handling new starters and leavers
  • * PAYE returns to HMRC
  • * Assistance with automated payment set-up to your employees

Independent Examination

If your Charity's gross income exceeds £25,000 but is below £500,000 for a financial year, then you require an independent examination. This is an alternative to a professional audit and can be carried out by us on your behalf. We also carry out independent examinations on Parish Council accounts and School Private Funds.

Cost Reduction

Trained in the 'systems thinking' approach which involves looking at a system such as a business process as a whole. The purpose is to eliminate waste in the work process which will make your business more competitive and cost effective.